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Rent a car in Prague, Czech Republic at the lowest prices,
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  • Car rental in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague rent a car

Prague is a special city permeated with beauty; you can come here again and again and still leave with the feeling that did not have time to enjoy all the wonderful places. In case you want to become better acquainted with the city, the most convenient and comfortable way is just rent a car.

International company Naniko offers you cars for every taste. Our managers are able to recommend what kind of car it is better to choose specifically for the purpose of your visit to Prague.

Famous sightseeing’s and especially the Old Town Hall, Prague’s St. Vitus Cathedral, and much more sites are worthy of your attention. Get acquainted with Prague, visit museums and galleries, as well as to explore the surroundings of Prague, and at the same time to save precious time is possible with Naniko. You can rent a car of business class, economy class, sedan or hatchback – at your discretion, depending on the number of passengers, the volume of your luggage and of course budget. Our cars do not have the daily mileage limit. Vehicle fleet runs through the regular technical checkup.

Naniko car rental company will supply you with everything you need during the trip: navigator, baby car seat, the driver (if you do not want to drive by yourself), as well as provide you with phone consultations around the clock operator.

Discovering new places is so easy when there is a reliable car, perfect ambience and guaranteed quality! The rich experience of our company allows us to provide high quality, low price and professional services.

Travel to the Czech Republic, take with you a piece of Prague and cooperate with Naniko! Prague is worth to stay here longer!


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