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Car hire in Tirana, Albania, the best tariffs from Naniko rent a car

Tirana, being the metropolis of Albania since 1920, in recent decades suffered a variety of events and for nowadays is in the process of regeneration. There are a plenty of projects aimed at improving infrastructure, landscaping areas and many new buildings. All this makes Tirana a neat, peaceful and settled city, far from the image that it was a decennary ago.

If you desire to travel anyplace the city with easiness, rent a car in Tirana that will free you from the stress of using of public transport.

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  • Naniko offers service with a driver, which can include a simple transfer from the airport to the hotel for a meeting or to work, or your individual route with the driver.
  • All our drivers speak in English and are experts of local roads. Using the services of a driver from Naniko, you can journey with style and in complete comfort.
  • Rental cars in Tirana – If you wish to make variation in your order, cancel it or move to another period, without fear of penalties you can do this  two days previous the start of your rental.
  • Ordered services you can pay by credit card, by bank transfer or cash on the spot in the respective local currency at the official rate.
  • For our customers, who's arriving to the airport or other public place and would like to get the car immediately upon arrival, must indicate flight details or a specific address for delivery cars.
  • Your order will be confirmed by a voucher with all the specifications of your booking and sent to your email address.

The best services from Naniko operate 365 days a year of car renting in Tirana, customer service is safe and secure!

Tirana is the most populous city of Albania. Here is the seat of parliament and government. Tirana is located at the foot of Mount Dajti, which gives inimitable natural pictures that are an integral part of the urban landscape. The vertex of the mount is quickly and easily reachable within a few minutes by cable car. From Tirana, you can go to Durres, the second major city of Albania and the most important port on the Adriatic Sea.

When driving an car hired in Tirana you need to be watchful as much as possible, so the roads are not always in good condition, and local drivers driving style does not always correspond to the rules of the road. Also, in some places there is a shortage of road signs.

In Tirana, very heavy traffic on the roads, due to the large number of vehicles. Therefore, a bit difficult to find parking in the city. The most sensible thing to leave your car in a private parking lot outside the center and move by foot or by public transport in the central streets of the city.