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Vienna is undoubtedly amongst the most exquisite European capitals, especially the burn place of music. Crossed the Danube picturesque bridges, it seems that for centuries carried the strategic role of communication between East and West, ancient culture and modernity, of classic elegance and modern design.

The city offers unparalleled sights and different routes that are worth visiting in the convenience of the services of car rentals in Vienna. Obviously that at web-page is very simple to choose the vehicle and booked a guaranteed way to move be free from exhausting waiting of public transport.

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Your magnificent journey in Vienna is better to start with the monuments of the city with a thousand-year history. Symbol of the town is represented by the Danube Tower of 252 meters high, with the top of which seen the stunning views. There are more than 100 museums, for the tastes of all art lovers.

Enjoying the city with a vehicle hired in Vienna, do not forget to visit the magnificent castles of the Habsburgs period in Schönbrunn, the summer residence of the famous Empress Sissi, the wife of Franz Josef.

It is remarkable the Secession building, with its cupola covered with gold leaf, and the Cathedral of St. Stephen of Gothic style, decorated with tall steeple and Belvedere. Finally, one cannot miss to see the Burgertheater, the main theater and the Neues Rathaus, where in the Cristmas period are famous markets.

There can be entertained children and adults, there are places for romantic stroll or for a night fun. In Vienna you will discover a variety of original and exciting entertainment.

For hopeless dreamers there is quite an extraordinary place – the Palm House, where hundreds of exotic butterflies are flying free.

To use highways in Austria you need to buy a single card, which gives access to all the roads of the country. Speed limits in urban roads is 50 km / h, and on highways – 130 km / h.