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Rent a car in Montenegro, compare prices for car rental with Naniko

Montenegro is an independent country since 2006 and is disposed on the Balkan Peninsula. Being for many years the scene of wars and conflicts, it is little known for large-scale tourism, but despite this the country has a lot of everything to offer. In fact, there are hidden the real gems of art and culture, stunning nature, clean water, and plenty of entertainment.

If you decide to spend your holidays here, to explore its treasures will be much more convenient having a car for rent in Montenegro, traveling safely and at your own pace.

Naniko, based on systematic monitoring of the market offers the most favorable conditions and range of services.

Prices from Naniko for auto hire in Montenegro include the required auto insurance and unlimited mileage!

  • Also, all existing taxes and road assistance already comprised in the rates.
  • Payment of service you can make in more convenient mode for you, by transfer or cash in our office. In case of reimbursement by credit card is not charged of any fees.
  • Available optional accessories such as a GPS navigator, car seat for children of different height and weight, ski holders and luggage baskets and more.
  • Terms of fuel policy are simple and tend to operate on a system of so-called full / full. Which means that you get the car with full forecastle and return the same way. This system is the most acceptable and easily controlled for both sides.
  • Acceptance and return of cars can be made by your address, preferably in accordance with the specified time frames.
  • If you desire to prolong the rental period, necessary to inform us know in advance and thus the additional days will be calculated on the same tariff.

Give yourself the pleasure of ideal conditions for vehicle renting in Montenegro, created for you by Naniko!

Montenegro is a small country with a population of 672.000 people. Territory of Montenegro is hilly, and largely dominated by mountain landscapes, the highest peak of 2534 m – ZLA Kolata.

There are about 290 km of shoreline along the Adriatic Sea, which explains the presence of the best beaches in the Balkan region, such as, for example, Velika Plaza, about 13 km.

Your trip by car rented in Montenegro, you can start from the capital of Podgorica, which is a thoroughly modern European city. A feature of its location based on the fact that it is at the junction of the six rivers.

In Montenegro, you can discover the most beautiful places on the Adriatic coast.

In the middle of the mountains is Lake Skadar, the largest on the peninsula, the true natural pearl of Montenegro. To the north in the mountains, the country is crossed by rivers which form deep canyons.

Rest in Montenegro allows direct contact with nature, where you can visit four national parks.