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Rent a car in the Netherlands, offers of car rental from Naniko

Netherlands always been a highly requested destination for tourism for its wealth of monuments and numerous entertainment that offers to young people. The Netherlands is very well equipped by airports and easily accessible by air to its major cities, and then by using the car renting in the Netherlands continue their journey in any direction in complete freedom, without worrying about the use of public transport and the cost of a taxi. This service in the Netherlands is in a great demand among tourists because is cheap and gives full autonomy.

Book your auto hire in the Netherlands by Naniko and take the first step toward enjoying a wonderful holiday!

  • Our qualified staff will support you the best service in the market.
  • Upon arrival at your destination, you can get the car in any place where you specify in advance.
  • Upon receipt of the auto must be presented along with the reservation voucher driver’s license and passport.
  • The action of your lease contract starts with the reception of auto and this current time is always shown in the act of receiving.
  • Additionally to the payment of services, you will need to leave a deposit collateral for incidental expenses like for example, the additional cost of petrol or the occurrence of any defect in the machine.
  • At the end of the lease term, when the car is refunded in its original state and according the conditions of the contract, your deposit will be returned in full.
  • With regard to the fuel policy, we applied the standard of full / full, which means that the provision of a car with a full tank and return with the same quantity.

Get the necessary information from Naniko in vehicle renting in Netherlands and enjoy your vacation!

Traffic on the highway going down the right wing, and overtaking is carried out on the left. When driving the machine it is strictly prohibited using a mobile phone. The alcohol limit is 0.05 g / l. The driver, as well as all passengers are required to use seat belts.

When traveling with children, make sure of presence of the child seat on the board before the age of 12 years and a minimum height of 1.5 meters.

This is a small and beautiful country famous for its tulips, wooden shoes and windmills. But, besides that in the Netherlands there are much more that can be admired. Despite of the landscape is mostly flat, there are still a variety of delightful landscapes. Some cities have the opportunity to ride on the canals. The Dutch people are very friendly and usually speak English very well.

Dutch cuisine has many dishes consisting of vegetables. There are also local goodies like caramel licorice, hagelslag – chocolate chips, stroopwafels – cookies with Dutch syrup and more.