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Rent a car from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Car Rental by Naniko

Oslo is a capital and most populous city of Norway, which has a great importance for the country as the center of various fields such as banking, science, industry and more. There is quite a high standard of living and in terms of consumer goods among the most expensive cities in the world.
If you are ready for this journey to this northern country, bought tickets, booked hotel and prepared the luggage, make sure you also have provided yourself with car rental from Oslo Airport. It is very convenient and advantageous movement means as are cheap and provide an opportunity to see not only the capital, but much more. After all, the most beautiful sights of this Scandinavian country is not limited to the walls of Oslo.

Select the correct route on auto hired from the airport of Oslo by Naniko to travel around the city and its surroundings!

  • Save a significant percentage when booking directly with us than renting from the agencies.


  • Our competitive rates are always provided with all taxes and necessary auto insurance.
  • Our fleet includes a wide variety of vehicles.
  • When you select the machine, size is an important factor. And we can offer as compact cars that are, as a rule, more economical or larger dimensions for your specific needs.
  • If you are traveling with a group or family, our roomy minivans are very comfortable, where is a more place for luggage, and more space in the cabin.
  • Different people have different preferences with regard to the technical parameters of the car, so we can offer as cars with automatic transmission, and the one with mechanical, gasoline or diesel fuel.


  • All the terms of the lease clearly and in plain language set forth in the contract, including the fuel policy that takes into account the delivery of the car with dipole BAKM return similarly.
  • Upon request, customers are provided with additional devices such as GPS, child seats, luggage baskets, ski holders and much more.

Your right choice of vehicle renting at the Airport of Oslo awaits you with the best conditions by Naniko!

Oslo Airport Gardermoen serves air traffic of lively Norwegian capital and its annual traffic of 22 million passengers. It offers about 100 international and 28 domestic routes.

It is the center of Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle, and the countless national and international carriers operate here.
Airport terminals are highly modernized and provide optimum services as millions of transit passengers. Between national and international arrival halls are boutiques and duty-free shops, fast-food zone, restaurants and cafes.
To transfer the travelers to the city operates expressway train, departing every 15 minutes.