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Rent a car in Podgorica, Montenegro. Car Rental by Naniko

The metropolis of Montenegro, Podgorica got its name thanks to its location near the hills, in particular, on the inclination of the hill Gorica, to the north of the city and so it is in translation – a slight hill. Once the town was also part of Yugoslavia and called Titograd, in honor of former Yugoslav dictator Tito.

The city is disposed in the cental part of the nation, at the conflux of the rivers Moraca and Ribnica also surrounded by rivers Zeta, Cijevna, Sitnica and Mareza and Skadar Lake.

Using a car renting in Podgorica provides unlimited ability to move in any routeand not necessary to be limited and follow the schedule of public transport or tour bus.

The company Naniko of auto hire in Podgorica provides inexhaustible benefits for your holiday!

  • Due to the numerous offices, you can refurn the machine to the end point, respectively of your itinerary.
  • If you have an intension to go to the nearby countries, without problems, with special permission, you can cross the border and return the car there, in one of our points.
  • Unlimited mileage, given as a bonus to our customers, supplying with complete freedom of movement on any routes.
  • The presence of such additional devices such as luggage baskets or ski racks allow you to travel more comfortable, without limiting the space inside the car.
  • All our vehicles undergo compulsory technical inspection after each rental and meet all necessary standards.
  • The most economical fares you will find by us, which is already taken into account the cost of insurance and all taxes.

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Podgorica has a rich history and was always an important point respectively to its strategic location. It is an ancient center of culture and economic.

Unfortunately, a large number of historic buildings were destroyed during wars and today, the urban landscape presented of large modern buildings. There are some preserved historical buildings in the old town, with its narrow streets. In Podgorica are plenty of museums as the Museum of the city or the Gallery of Modern Art.

Public transport of the capital represented by bus lines operated by different private companies, but the locals often travel by taxi, which is faster, or by private car.


It’s easy to move around the city by vehicle hired in Podgorica because here is a regular urban plan and the road in pretty good condition.

Placed in the southwestern part of Montenegro, only an hour drive to the west, you can reach the coastal towns. A 20 km from Podgorica are the Lakes Scutari and Moraca.