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Car rental at the airport of Tirana; on the route to the discovery of the Balkans with Naniko!

Tirana is a charming town, with a mass contrasts and impressive history, is an ideal starting point for touring the camp and also in other Balkan countries. With a well planned trip and the availability of time, you can make a trip to a destination in Ohrid or Skopje. But, in any case, Albania itself also provides countless places of enormous cultural significance and magnificent landscapes, as for example, Pogradec and Korca.

Car renting from the airport in Tirana is the best means of transport to achieve all of the above mentioned areas. You can just retrench money and time by visiting a web page of and afford desired without sacrificing comfort.

Booking through effective services of Naniko an car for hire at Tirana airport, will provide your best trip!

  • Truck fleet comprises a plurality of models equipped with accessories of comfort and safety, such as ABS, airbag, power windows, air conditioning and more.
  • Car rental in Tirana airport – In our range of vehicles you will find:
  • Cars of small size, ideal for moving around the town and surroundings.
  • Small cars have greater maneuverability in towns environments, as well as advantageous in terms of maximum economy.
  • Auto of medium size really comfortable and suitable for long-distance tours, offers great space in the cabin and also for luggage.
  • You can also choose the vehicle by specific data, the type of transmission or fuel.
  • For large family or traveling with a group you will be available to select minivans up to 9 seats capacity.

Indulge yourself with the pleasure of comfort of car rented at the airport in Tirana from an international company Naniko!

Tirana Airport has a structure of modern style, with all the potential that meet international standards, which can safely serve the passengers of any category and needs. The airport was named in honor of Mother Teresa, who was of Albanian origin.

The airport is located 17 km from the center of Tirana and every hour express bus goes from here to the destination of National Museum of the city. There is no railway link, but because the airport is along the highway towards Durres, very easily accessible by vehicle hired from the airport in Tirana.

For passengers in the airport terminal is created the comfortable service system with several restaurants, cafes and bars where you can spend a very pleasant time of waiting or do some shopping at the local duty-free. In the VIP lounge offered range of services, but for a full-fledged business services, it is better to apply to hotels and convention centers of the town. There is also no shortage of banking services, Internet access, in exchange offices and ATMs.