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Albania having a population of 3.6 million inhabitants is located in the south-eastern Europe. Neighboring countries are Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece, and to the south the country is surrounded by mountains, with the highest peak of Maja Korabit of 2764 m. From the west, Albania has 362 km of coastline with sandy beaches.
The country is rich in numerous national parks with magnificent nature.
On our web site is easy to find the right car rental in Albania and book online or also can book by phone. And if you're already on the road and want to order quickly, our application is also available for mobile phones.
In addition, our own fleet allows us to provide customers with all numerous types of cars, from economy and small and to off-roads 4×4 and minivans for 7-9 persons.

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  • In our company there are different standards for fuel policy, but the most practiced option is Full / Full, which means that you get a car with a full tank and returns the same. In any case an option may be agreed in acceptable way to the customer upon location.
  • Renting cars in Albania – While booking, you can also order the additional accessories like car seats for children of all ages, luggage basket, fasteners for skis or GPS navigators. Payment must be made on the spot.
  • Our prices are always already taken into account fees and the cost of auto insurance.
  • Unlimited mileage and roadside assistance provided free of charge!

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Albania is characterized by an extraordinary combination of landscapes, mountains in the inland areas and the beaches on the coast of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas. Here are a very beautiful cities, as the capital of Tirana, Durres, Berat and Gjirokastra, historic centers of which are part of the World Heritage.

When driving your rental cars in Albania, for your safety we recommend to comply with existing road regulation here.

Traffic on the road on a right side.
The quality of roads is not very good and the speed limit is clearly desirable to follow. On urban streets the limitation is 40 km / h, 80 km / h – on country roads and on highways – 110 km / h.
Do not defeat the safety belts and dipped headlights left on during the day.
Driving while intoxicated is strictly prohibited.
Traveling on the main roads you will not have any problems with reserves of fuel, as many gas stations are along the way, but if you go towards the inside or the more remote areas better stock up on a full tank.