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Car rental in Amsterdam. Rent a car by international company Naniko

Amsterdam, being the metropolis of the Netherlands, named as the Venice of the North, as is known for its canals, cafes and bars, red light district, and the fact that only in the central part of more than 290 bridges. Amsterdam is also famous for its museums, the National Theatre and many more.

Generally, most of the travelers coming to tour in the Netherlands begin their tour from the capital, where are concentrated all the main arteries of the state. And for maximum comfort travelers choose as a mean of travel rent a car in Amsterdam, that gives complete independence from public transport.

Give yourself the pleasure of a comfortable travel auto hire in Amsterdam at the best rates from Naniko!

  • In the implementation of the reservation you can also request a car chairs for children of various ages, luggage baskets, holders for skis or GPS. Additional equipment can also be ordered and paid for on the spot.
  • All our rates are already include insurance and taxes.
  • When booking you can also specify a particular place of delivery and return the car, no matter whether it is a hotel, airport or a private address.
  • Often, if a driving license not issued in Latin, it is strongly recommended to have it of international standard. And pay attention to the validity of your documents.
  • You have the variant to indicate an additional driver and register in the lease agreement, presenting him at the receiving of the car and his documents.
  • The minimum age for renting we defined 21 years and a minimum of two years driving practice.
  • By our cars, you can freely cross the border of another country, after the service request at time of booking. Thus we will be able to your arrival to prepare a licensed document that gives authorization to drive in our car to another country.

Reach more beautiful places on the vehicle rented in Amsterdam received from Naniko with unlimited mileage!

In Amsterdam, all seasons have their peculiar charm. Therefore, for those who want to organize their tour by auto renting in Amsterdam is suitable any time of year. But it is especially recommended in the spring, when nature comes to life and awakes from hibernation.

Amsterdam is interesting for art lovers, where you can visit the museum of the great Van Gogh, with invaluable masterpieces of the great master.

The Royal Palace is without a doubt the place that any traveler would include the list of compulsory places to visit. This building of the 17th centenary, which was originally the town hall and initiative of Napoleon’s brother has been transformed as a residence. There are also countless entertainment and large and attractive shops for shoppers.