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Car rental in Andorra la Vella with Naniko at the best price and options

The capital of a small European country, Andorra la Vella each year attracts millions of tourists by winter sports, beautiful nature and interesting prices in large shopping centers.

There is no shortage in fine architecture as for example, shows the local parliament building, the Casa de la Vall, constructed in the 16th centenary.

Undeniably convenient and very popular way to travel here is car rentals in Andorra la Vella that comprehensively resolves the issue of mobility, flexibility and independence from the route of public transport.

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  • Naniko offers rent for various periods from one to 30 days, but it is also available the long-term lease.
  • In the rental rate, we provide to our customers included all local taxes and car insurance.
  • Rent a car in Andorra La Vella – You get the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, and at the end of the agreement you have to return with the same quantity of fuel.
  • Long term rental is a great solution of mobility for corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs.
  • The duration of long-term lease may be between 12 and 60 months, and by the termination of the contract period, you may extend it choosing a new car; continue with the same vehicle, or make a request of acquisition of another car.
  • The profitability of this character of tenancy is that you are completely freed from the bustle of acquisition and maintaining a car and without any loss of time and energy you use always good and trouble free auto.

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The rich architecture of the town is clearly visible among the churches, an example of which may be the Cathedral of Sant Andreu of the 12th century, built in the Romanesque style, or Santa Coloma of the same period.

Near the town you can visit the relax center with thermal waters and r spend a pleasant time among saunas, swimming pools and entertainment.

And in the vicinity of Andorra la Vella interesting place to visit is the Ethnographic Museum Encamp, where walking, you can relive the life of past centuries. Not far there is also a unique museum of sacred art and the Museum of Santa Eulalia where are presented the permanent collection of liturgical objects and paintings.

This city is also known worldwide for its ski resorts and a diversity of winter sports. Ski slopes and huts in the picturesque places are always provided to tourists, where they can spend unforgettable days and weeks in the nature.

The city is disposed in a very appropriate location to get an auto hired in Andorra, and have a fun to ride through all its attractions and nearby cities.