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Car Rental in Austria incomparable rates from Naniko car hire

Austria a highly requested holiday destination in any season of the year. Mountain resorts here offer a truly unique opportunities for winter sports and relaxation, and in the summer is great to make a mountain walks. Austria has high developed infrastructure and is well prepared to receive a huge number of tourists who visit it every year.

Here you can find all over the places of residence and high quality service.

Not far behind from the general level also the sector of car hire in Austria, because it is most popular and cost-effective service. Here you can enjoy all what this country provides, and also try the famous Austrian sweets.

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Rental cars in Austria by Naniko provide an excellent chance to discover a majestic country!

Throughout its long history Austria was inhabited by different populations. Here lived until the 10th century the Romans, Huns, Lombards, Ostrogoths and others. After which the country was governed by Babenberg family for three centuries. And after the death in 1246, of the last of Babenberg began centuries of bloody struggle for power.

Austria inhabited by 18 million people, more than half of which live in cities or suburbs. Most of the population are German-speaking, but there are minorities as Hungarians, Czechs and Slovenes who speak native languages.

Austria is famous for its magnificent architecture and masterpieces of classical music. Vienna, is the personification of the Baroque style in the early 18th centenary become also the cultural center of music and literature. It is home to many world-known composers such as Mozart, Strauss, Schubert and Haydn and others.

In addition to classical music, the cultural sphere is enriched with numerous museums, concerts and festivals.