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Rent a car in Prague, Czech Republic at the lowest prices,
from car rental company Naniko

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Car Rental Czech Republic – Naniko

Auto-tour through Czech Republic will bring you great pleasure. Czech Republic is a beautiful country to travel, where a huge number of attractions, beautiful cities and castles of medieval chivalry, delicious cuisine and of course, the world famous Czech beer. Create your own route to be independent of a group or bus schedules according to your private preferences.

Excellent autobahns of Czech Republic will delight you with its quality and will bring you pleasure.

Business visit also requires preparation and appropriate transport support. We offer you a huge fleet of vehicles with a wide selection of models and car classes.
Car rental company Naniko becomes your favorite guide to the Czech Republic.
Book your car in advance on the internet. In this case, our representative will give you the selected car directly at the International Airport of Prague in best condition. Low prices, high quality service and cars excellent condition compose the credo of our company.

Professional managers provide you services, starting from choosing the model and complete around the clock consultations by phone. Our operator is available at 7/7 and 24/24.

In the case of additional requirements and accessories, we provide you with everything you need: navigators, the ski or bicycle carrier, child seats, additional driver services, and more. All vehicles are insured and the company’s fleet is constantly exposed to technical inspection. Also, we do not have daily limits on mileage. You will be pleased with our common shares held discount, professional attitude and individual approach to each client.

Czech Republic is an excellent choice for relaxing with friends or family. Explore the unknown yet to you Bohemian beauty, take a car rent from Naniko and unforgettable holiday is guaranteed to you!