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Car rental in Norway. Rent a car with best rates by Naniko

Norway is placed in Northern Europe with the capital Oslo the only Nordic country not composed of the European Union.

On the territory of Norway there are many glaciers and the west coast is full of fjords. The rivers flowing into fjords, form spectacular waterfalls. You can also enjoy views of the small medieval churches, drowning in the picturesque nature.

The country is rich with mountains and forests that actually gives the opportunity to enjoy nature and tranquility.

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  • Our booking center is at your disposal round the clock, all information is available in an instant.
  • Extra accessories can also be ordered on-line or at arrival. It may be child seats, winter accessories like snow chains, ski racks and more, or navigators, luggage baskets, etc.
  • Delivery and return of the car is quick and to the address that you will indicate in the application form.
  • The lease contract includes all pre-specified conditions, is made in a simple and understandable language.
  • We also provide the services of a professional driver, perfectly owning local routes and speaking English.
  • Terms with respect to the fuel is such that when taking the car, the fuel tank is full and must be returned with the similarly. It is the most viable option for both sides, on the basis of our experience, but if you wish can be considered the other versions.

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Norwegian history begins from the time of the Vikings, who founded several small kingdoms, then united by King Harald. Thus was formed the Union of Kalmar with the Kingdoms of Norway, Denmark and Sweden, finally disintegrated in 1814.

Central region of Norway is known as Trøndelag, and is rich in history and tradition. Here fishing enthusiasts can stay in typical houses of fishermen and fishing in the sea or in rivers to catch salmon.

South region with a warm climate full of rocks and islets and is renowned for its white wooden houses. This is a great place for excursions by boat or hiking. By your vehicle hired in Norway, you will be able to move inland and discover rural areas with typical farms.

Norwegians are quite simple and friendly to talk to. During the celebration of the National Day on May 17, they dress in traditional costume with a variety of embroidery, scarves and jewelry.