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Car rental in Oslo. Rent a car with an international company Naniko

Clean, fresh and lovely metropolis of Norway, Oslo is a nice city with an enjoyable lack of traffic so typical for large cities. Numerous well-maintained parks, as, for example, the Vigeland Sculpture Park with a diversity of sculptures, provide excellent health to the residents of the city and an abundance of vitality.

This beautiful ancient city located deep in the fjords and dotted with islands and forests, much easier and more enjoyable to explore by car renting in Oslo. In the area of Frogner are presented attractive architecture and historical sites, and museums and galleries are located more in the center. There is a mediaeval citadel built in 1300 and an enchanting castle which is usually visited with a great pleasure by tourists.

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  • At the moment of the auto pick up you have to present a valid passport and a driver’s license, it is desirable of international standard.

A simple and fun way to explore the wonderful destinations is by vehicle rented in Oslo with excellent conditions by Naniko!

The oldest part of Oslo is disposed northern of the Akershus Fortress and is also an important center of the city. On the main avenue of Karl Johans , you can see many beautiful buildings such as the Royal Palace, National Theatre in Rococo style and the University, built in 1851. The old town is easy to navigate on foot, but to get to the more remote and also interesting places, great service will be provided by your vehicle hired in Oslo.

Having visited the Munch Museum, of the largest Norwegian artist, you can see the two versions of his renowned painting The Scream. Very interesting is a Sculpture Park, located in Frognerparken, in a huge green area, which presents 192 works of wrought iron. 10 km from the town you can find the amusement park Tusenfryd, where you can spend a beautiful and fun day with friends or family.