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The Principality of Andorra is one of the six small European countries, located in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain. Without having an access to the sea, the climate of Andorra is characterized as a typical alpine in mountain regions and is a continental in the plains. There are many rivers that pass through the Valley of Andorra, and the lakes of mountain origin.
According to its small scale, the country offers an excellent opportunity to be seen completely when using car rental in Andorra, and the majority of tourists use exactly this means of moving without any hesitation.

This small country because of the location and identity of its interesting history, attracts millions of tourists every year in the summer, and also in winter months.

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Andorra, as a tax-free space is a true paradise for shopping. Many products such as food, clothing, jewelry, cigarettes, various equipment, electronics can be purchased at very attractive prices.

Art lovers will enjoy a pre-Romanesque and Romanesque style, excellent examples of which are widely used in the construction of churches with centuries-old stone tower. In the villages of Canillo, Ordino, Encamp, Les Bons can see the narrow streets with medieval houses and picturesque landscapes.

You can also enjoy a variety of sport activities like hiking, mountain biking, rafting and more.
Just fifteen minutes away by car rental in Andorra you can go to the bosom of nature and enjoy the wild beauty of the landscapes, views of the valley, rivers, ponds and forests.
Also very active is a cultural life of Andorra, where throughout the year are various activities. There are many museums that trace the history, unique culture and traditions of the principality.