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Rent a car in Prague, Czech Republic at the lowest prices,
from car rental company Naniko

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Tel: +995 (032) 2 14-11-33



Mid- term and long period rentals for special requirements!

If you want to have car rent for a special need and you have special requirements
Do you need a car for some special occasion and don’t  wish to sign leasing agreement with additional liabilities
If your guests  would like to rent a car for a longer stay… or some other unusual and unplanned event

Company can propose you monthly agreement base as the most practical solution!

Which benefits could our company provide to you

  • No additional obligation in case of long term leasing: possibility to extend contract monthly
  • acceptable prices for the rent period
  • avoid the risk of amortization in case of own vehicles fleet purchasing
  • quarantined service package at any countries site
  • accessible consultant during the trip
  • providing  car replacement
  • round the clock service operator
  • rent includes transportation to locations, mentioned in agreement
  • insurance covers against car jacking  and vehicle failure
  • variety of models with one year age vehicles
  • Everyday mileage is not limited
  • Fleet cars mileage: 50000 km
  • the rent also reimburses repair expenses due wear and tear as well as the weight tax