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About Czech Republic with Naniko

The popular country Czech Republic is located in the central part of Europe. The population is about 11 million people. Czech is the state language. The Czech Republic is the most populous country in Europe. 80 % of the population live in cities. The relief of the country is diversified, the climate is temperate, winter is cold and cloudy, and summers are warm.
Czech Republic is a favorite country for tourists. There are many majestic forts, romantic castles, scenic spots of nature and amazing landscapes. After France and Belgium there are the highest number of castles, towers and castle ruins. There are about 2,000 castles.
Zvíkov castle located at the confluence of two rivers Vltava and Otava. This castle is the most famous in the country; it involves a lot of interesting legends. It is possible to see everyday objects, murals, furniture of the 15th century in this castle.
Konopiště – this castle is 48 kilometers from the capital, founded in the 13th century. Beautiful parks, gardens, delicious beer brewed here.
Famous are also: Cesky Sternberg , Cesky Krumlov , Rožmberk etc.
The country’s most famous landmark is the Prague Castle, it is one of the biggest castles in the world, and today he takes as the residence of the President.
The country’s capital is the city of Prague. This is a city of romance, of aristocratic art, of magnificent monuments and landmarks.
Many say that the most delicious beer is brewed in the Czech Republic and its reputation around the world is high. Beer in this country began to brew Celts in the 11th century. Brno is the first brewery. Today, in the Czech Republic can offer different beers with different flavors: banana, coffee, cherry.
Yogurt lovers must know that the first fruit yogurts started to make it in the Czech Republic in 1933.
The Czech Republic is also famous for its health resorts. Karlovy Vary is the best one. There is a lot of healing springs, people from all over the world come here for the wellness treatments. The second largest resort – Marino, Lazne.
Visit the Czech Republic is very interesting in any season. This amazing country is in the top ten most visited countries in the world.